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Valentine,s Day .....

2011-01-24 23:35:28 by LUISEDGAR64

love or deception what do you think ???

The inpopular kid

2010-09-03 21:22:33 by LUISEDGAR64

INTRO: This text talks about a kid with friends ,no girlfriend an no love this history dosent have may happy moments.

Hadoken or kamehameha, please give me your opinion

Awesome i cant post the image but just wait 2 Freaking days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Robot Day

2010-07-10 19:53:55 by LUISEDGAR64

my robot is "Blue Head robot" look at him (not finished)

Happy Robot Day

Robot day

2010-07-10 00:06:21 by LUISEDGAR64

can someone tell me about this .and nice robots of the front page

Happy 4 of July

2010-07-04 14:21:45 by LUISEDGAR64

Anything in mind? no?why dont hang out with yur friends or maybe you can watch furry content on

Pixel Ryu

2010-06-30 22:11:11 by LUISEDGAR64

A pixel art released

Real art

2010-06-30 20:39:02 by LUISEDGAR64

watch it here

New Art !!!!!!!!!

2010-06-29 00:38:45 by LUISEDGAR64

I Leave a parody of Street Fighter Watch it here